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    I Will Soon Release A Song With Stonebwoy – Gospel Artiste

    Some the them include; Herty Borngreat with Trigmatic and Sarkodie, Gifty Osei with Opanka and most recently Nacee with Guru.

    I Will Soon Release A Song With Stonebwoy - Gospel Artiste

    It’s very common for musicians of different genres to collaborate on a song these days.
    That notwithstanding, the rare mix is that of Gospel musicians and those doing secular music.
    There are only a few artistes who have had the courage to do so. Many Gospel artistes fear to be ridiculed by their fans and even religious leaders if they should practice that.
    Some on the other hand simply explain they cannot afford to collaborate or feature secular musicians due to their personal beliefs.
    But there are those who see nothing wrong with this physically and spiritually and are willing to go ahead with the practice any day.
    In Ghana, there are a few Gospel musicians who had over the years featured or collaborated with secular artistes.
    Another Gospel musician who is hopeful to join the trend is Obaapa Gyamfua.
    Obaapa Gyamfua is the winner for the ‘Gospel Artiste of the year’ slot for the maiden
    edition of the Darling Eastern Music Awards
    According to the sensational Ghanaian gospel artiste, she will soon release a song with the
    ‘Bhim nation’ President stonebwoy.
    Obaapa Gyamfua believes that recording with a secular musician is part of the bigger music trade, and should not be criticized.

    She made this known in an interview with Ghcelebrities.com.

     “Collaborating with others doesn’t make us do one thing everyday but it brings a difference. I will keep doing the collaboration with the secular musicians to bring a change in the music industry, someone with a good heart like stonebwoy can bring the change we need, and I will soon release a song with him soon”.
    It has become quite ordinary for Gospel artistes to feature secular artistes on their songs and vice versa.

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