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    Find out what DJ Zinhle is up to

    Find out what DJ Zinhle is up to

    In an interview with City Press Zinhle has opened up on upcoming projects and also addressed the rumors that there is a reunion with AKA.
    She revealed that she plans on releasing an Album. I am excited about this new project because I will be working with a lot of talented artists.”
    She has not yet decided on a release date.
    “I also want to grow as a deejay and start a band. I have asked Kiernan to help me as a music director.”
    Jiyane dismisses rumours that she and AKA are back together, however.
    “There is really nothing there,” she smiles.
    There has been speculation that Jiyane and Thusi were working on a reality show, but she dismisses the rumours. However, she tells City Press that she wouldn’t mind doing a show with the actress.
    “If I get to be in a reality show, it will definitely be with Pearl. She has been part of my life for a long time. She is like a sister to me,” she says.

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