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    Diamond’s sweet message after Tiffah turned 3

    Diamond's sweet message after Tiffah turned 3
    Most followed celebrity kid in the world turned three years old yesterday and her dad, Diamond Platnumz, is one proud father.
    Taking to Instagram, Diamond Platnumz wished his daughter a happy birthday with a very sweet message as they anticipated for the official party that will see over 30 guests being flown from Tanzania to South Africa on August 16.
    Here’s what Diamond had to say:
    “I do love you, not because you are my Daughter…Nah! I love you because you love me more than anything in the World…. sometimes i even wonder why you Love me so….and that is the reason why i can’t sleep without praying for you… i can’t sleep without thinking about you… and most of the time when you come to my mind i feel like i owe you more than a life…Inshaallah, Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, Akupe akili, Afya, Adabu, Umri mrefu wenye Furaha na Future nzuri baadae…..Nakupenda sana Mwanangu, Nakupenda sana Tiffah angu…. Happy 3 Birthday mama🙏🏻” said the singer. 

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