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    Diamond given tough lecture by former photographer after calling son with Hamisa ‘side kid’

    Diamond given tough lecture by former photographer after calling son with Hamisa ‘side kid’

    Diamond Platnumz has been lectured by his ex-photographer for a recent statement he made when referring to one of his kids.
    Kifesi, who parted ways with the singer early this year, had a lot to say after Diamond went on and called his son with Hamisa Mobetto a side-kid during his birthday.

    Just wrong

    On Instagram, he shunned the singer in a long post saying:
    “Japokua i dont n a will never glorify cheating or side chick thing but labeling innocent kid wachilia mbali ur own blood n flesh as SIDE-KID this is too wrong in all levels brother watoto n gift from God amepatikanaje siyo makusud yao they didn’t ask to be born n I don’t think kuna excuse or reason for labeling an innocent kid with such name imagine this kid growing up one day n watch his own father call him worldwide as side kid from side chick knowing he wasn’t born out of love aka a unwanted,” he said.
    Zaid badala hata uusie watu wa stop cheating n umalaya n stay with only one partner instead u teaching people is oky ku cheat as long watumie condom kuepuka watoto na cyo UKIMWI honestly brother uyafanyayo these days umekua siyo good role model kwa vijana or anyone what are we teaching the young generation. Children are very sensitive n whatever they see or hear they take it..imagine watoto waanze kuwa wnawazomea na kuita watoto wenzao wa nje ya as SIDEKIDS imagine ur son akikuwa mtaan or shulen watoto wenzie wawe wanamtania na kumzomea as a sidekid at the end all these Will negatively impact the self-esteem and sense of self-worth of that boy..n zaid vitamjengea chuki zidi yako n hope u knw hiyo inamanisha nn ..My advice if possible Beg even pay the internet to delete that post cuz internet never forget..n because most times those u calln sidekid are the ones tht will en up being there for u when u need them the most but atapkuja ona hiyo clip i dont knw..
    He finally finished by saying:
    “Fame n money visitupumbaze n kufnya yasofaa they won’t stay forever they always Go n u won’t be young/Rich or celebrity forever n those friends wa NDIO MZEE /NDIO BOSS watapotea But UR FAMILY will always be with u hata vyote vikipita family is the important thing kwa mwnadam ndio kitu mtu anapswa akiheshim n kukilinda kuliko anythn one day u gonna need them the most but if today u disrespect them,causing pain ,humiliation them i mean ur kids even mothers of ur own kids wht will happen tomorrow??Mungu huwa hasahau machoz ya mwnamke na maumivu ya watoto ..Think Twice Brother n do the right thing. Najua huwez kuchukua ushauri kama huu huenda utaisoma kusonya but may God open ur eyes ..God bless u n ur Family.”

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