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    Desire Luzinda Announces her Exit from Music

    Desire Luzinda Announces her Exit from Music

    After almost 10 years of making music, desire Luzinda has announced that she will be exiting from her Music Career.
    Luzinda started making around 2009 after her TV stint on WBS with Moses chopper on a program called weekender.
    This doesnot comes as a surprise for many Ugandans as hse has been off the scene for a while. She has only ressurected on social media to show off her US travels with daughter Michelle.
    In her career, she has released a number of hit songs that include, “Mubiite”, “Nina Omwami”, “Naye nga lwaki”, “Guntawanya”, “Nyumirwa Nyo”, “Fitting”, among others.
    She has also had her fair share of controversies with famous flings with Seya and other bigshot politicians. They were said to be funding her lifestyle expenses.
    Also the paternity of her daughter has been bounced around on the guys she has dated.
    The biggest was the release of her nudes that got her attention from as far as BBC. It may also have pushed her career foward as she got more bookings.
    She is set to release her final Album “Transition” by end of September.

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