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    Bridget Achieng confesses being a high-end prostitute

    Bridget Achieng confesses being a high-end prostitute

    Socialite Bridget Achieng has opened up of how life as a high-end escort can be tough and stressing. Though people only see the gilts and glamour on social media, Achieng said that she become one due to desperation.
    Speaking to BBC Africa, the socialite opened up on how they she joined the business and how much she used to make on good days.
    “I tried (the trade), I wouldn’t say I didn’t try, you are a desperate girl looking for money and this guy offers you like 10 thousand dollars (about 1 Million Kenya Shillings) to just to go and visit him. 10 thousand dollars! Some people have never seen 10 thousand dollars in their life. You just need to look pretty and get 10,000 dollars and get on that flight and do what you have to do,” She said.

    Made a move

    She went on to share that the job has some crazy demands and needs you to have a tough gut to make it. Since she needed money, she had to make a try but didn’t last long.
    “I had to do it to just get back up, it’s not something any woman should be proud of doing,” She told BBC Africa.
    “I always feel like it’s something that is in you because there are some crazy things you are asked to do. You can be told to suck toes, it’s crazy, I don’t want to go into details about that because it freaks me out, I don’t want to scare people. The young girls need to know. There is nothing for nothing when you want a million bucks you will do something that is worth a million bucks…Baby girl, nothing goes for nothing,” She said speaking of the trade.

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