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    Akothee tired of getting laid, proposes sex timetable for Nelly Oaks

    Akothee tired of getting laid, proposes sex timetable for Nelly Oaks

    Akothee has finally had enough of sex and now she is thinking of living a celibate lifestyle. The mother of five however doesn’t want to starve her sweetheart Nelly Oaks.
    She now proposes to draft a sex timetable for her manager-cum-boyfriend. Akothee says that nowadays she wishes her man could sleep without demanding her goodies.
    “Mmm the same sex that made me climb the fences at teenage age chasing pregnancies is the same thing I want to retire from now or even make a time table! When the darkness comes I wish he falls asleep and forget to turn me around, so this thing is plenty why was I chasing it like some kidney I would die without,” wrote Akothee.
    There’s no getting away from Akothee
    Akothee also revealed that she will resort to taking extreme action in case Nelly Oaks decides to dump her. She stated that she will smear a bag of human waste at his face if he breaks her heart.
    “Mmm if @nellyoaks dumps me today! I will pooop in a paper bag, chase him every where and make sure I smear on him! I will not carry heartbreak alone! I will only stop this new habit when i stop thinking about him! Heartbreak is death itself, stop celebrating peoples challenges! Yours might be worse,” wrote Akothee.

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