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    What you missed at the Chaka Chaka concert

    What you missed at the Chaka Chaka concert

    South African song stress Yvonne Chaka Chaka came for a Friday evening charity concert organized by the Shule Foundation.
    Since the event had not been well publicized, no one was sure it would pull big crowds. But the 53-year-old South African Singer proved she only needs publicity for two days and Ugandans will dig deep into their pockets to get Shs100,000 for an ordinary and Shs5M for a table.
    The opening performance was from Jacob Nsali who did two songs with the famous Coconut. It was around 9pm when Rema Namakula dressed in a long dress showed up on stage. She performed only two songs Banyabo and Tikula before she left for speeches from the Director of the Foundation.
    Even with a band on stage, Chaka Chaka kicked off her performance without the band. She started with song with Man of the World, a song that praises Nelson Mandela.
    She did songs like Mr DJ, Am in Love with the DJ, Let me be Free, I am Burning Up and climaxed show with Umqkmbotih which she invited Bobi Wine on stage to perform the song as they called it a night

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