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    These are the steamy photos that Michuki’s granddaughter posted and got social media talking

    These are the steamy photos that Michuki's granddaughter posted and got social media talking 

    Musician Tiri Murai who is related to the late nonsense politician John Michuki is a topic of discussion after her photos were leaked online.
    Murai, who is currently living in Spain, woke up to find her photos all over the internet and she claims her accusers were trying to tarnish her name.

    Miss independent

    The musician was accused of enjoying a sponsor’s company who took him to Spain. Murai came out to shoot down the allegations insisting that she’s an interdependent woman.
    “So this is the post that made some silly bored girls decide that I look like I have a “sponsor”…. okay so these are the type of things that will NOT fly with me this 2018. So because I’m having fun, feeling sexy, and by a pool in another country that means I have to have a sponsor? Like gtfoh or is it because an older Caucasian man who I don’t know is behind me? Leave me out of your fu*ked up stereotypes!
    She went on
    “If anything my parents are my sponsors and even then I plan to pay them back for everything! You hoes can go ask your friend, my ex, if I ever looked for him to take care of me… NOPE! I ain’t ever looking for no man to take care of me… that’s not how I was raised. I’m not one to put these kinds of Instagram posts because I don’t want to feed into negativity but shi*t! You’ve pushed a b*tch to her limit now! These hoes are the same people who watch my story every damn day… like make up your mind boo do you love me or hate me? You hoes did me wrong and you think you can test me? I am not going to be intimidated/bullied/disrespected by a bunch of bums! Hell NO! So I’ve decided to put this post up, so you dumb girls can come and refer to this, screenshot it, send it between yourselves, IDGAF but you’re gonna know today that you should keep my name out of your mouth…. worry about your next bottle or your next gram (yup I said THAT) Let this be a warning because if you disrespect me one more time… you’ll regret it big time.. I have nothing to lose and imma check you in real life too this ain’t no twitter fingers move and stop sending people to add your 2 cents..You have something to say, say it to me … that shit WEAK AF… I’d tag y’all but I ain’t giving out no free promotion.”

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