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    Otile Brown thanks God for Vera Sidika after posting her in see-through pants

    Otile Brown thanks God for Vera Sidika after posting her in see-through pants(photo) 

    Ever Since Otile Brown and Vera Sidika came into the picture, the two lovers have been the talk of town as they continue to broadcast their love on social media.
    They have fallen head over heels for each other and are even planning to have a wedding in the near future. Vera and Otile are currently in Mauritius for a sponsored trip by Bonfire and have been leaving Kenyans in complete awe with their photos.

    Thanking God

    Otile surprised her fans on Instagram after sharing a photo of Vera Sidika wearing a see-through pair of trousers which showed her behind. Otile thanked God for the blessing by captioning the photo: Neema za Allah ðŸ™
    Here’s what fans said:
    • mjacan_tzSeeYouAtTheTop
    • am_faaaayNo man that truly loves you will allow such pictures of you posted on the net,yes you on the beach,haiya si akuvalie akufurahishe basi? Thought she left all this behind,a floral or dark kimono would have done her justice,
    • justelsie_@real.finnest.larry advice* live*
    • lucresiouscuteyTako fake,nyonyo fake, nywele fake, sura yako rangi fake, uchi nao fake , kucha fake , macho fake yani kila kitu fake fake na penzi nalo litakua fake fake fake yani fake fake
    • jennajanettGn to that irregular big whooty
    • jennajanett@lucresiouscutey 100000% not hate but pure truth
    • nayomithedivaplease ignore the Haters… and live your best life…… ðŸđðŸđðŸđðŸđðŸŒĄðŸŒĄðŸŒĄ
    • _c.h.a.m.p.i.o.n_b.o.y_@that_suspect_kidkujaa uone mahali improper fraction huapply in real life😂😂😂
    • stanleysupremoDamn!! People be hating @otilebrown and @queenveebosset. like they are saints, mara plastic, mara ooh, some y’all can’t even post your own pics coz you ain’t confident is yourself.(low self esteem). If you are having a miserable life stop hating on people who are making something out of theirs . Get up and do something about your life and stop hating.
    • selectormafrrHehe
    • pritykirera@queenveebosset & @otilebrown may God continue to elevate you. Those who are saying mara mungu apendi uchi sijui nini. We came from our mothers wombs naked none of you had anything on. Infact if otile & vee were in the garden of Eden wangekua uchi. So stop bringing us izo, let them have fun and enjoy to the fullest.. nawapenda otile&vee
    • pritykirera@abdirazz so are you God. God is even greaffull that otile is thankful …. ðŸ˜’
    • vendysurvivalcaseYou right brother😇😇ðŸ’Ŋ
    • jack_sparrow_undefeatedAnafirana
    • alibin254Simchezo Bro kweli neema za Allah @otilebrown
    • official_mr_stuff@otilebrown I love your reply to him….I’m Nigerian and I’ve been following your music and your social life…..I must tell you that you’re good….Ignore that guy….that’s the major problem facing Africa….#RELIGION
    • sophie_kui_@p_ap_s ðŸ˜‚😂😂 manze ninenotice pia
    • jackie_rensonWatapata tabu sana….kula vitu zako otile dady…best couples ever…iko love
    • khans_da_gorgeoushahaha sure bro kula bata kabisa chezea mtoto vera weye #bikini_upande_upande😋😋😋ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ
    • amalnasse56Ivo viguu😂😂😂
    • rayampenziThat holy. Name Allah ??? Delete it plz its disrespectful…to the almighty
    • iambakameKijana Usiende peku tu ðŸ˜€ðŸĪĢ
    • malembakerryHiyo matako pia ni plastic? Ama kitu ya kukojolea ndio alieka plastic

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