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    Otile Brown: Stop saying i’m using Juju to keep Vera, She’s in love with me

    Otile Brown: Stop saying i'm using Juju to keep Vera, She's in love with me

    Months after Vera Sidika and Otile Brown announced they are lovers, some Kenyans are still waiting for another announcement from Vera; that it was a joke or Otile Brown has been doing something sinister to keep her.
    Sidika and Otile have been facing attacks from Kenyans who argue that they aren’t meant for each other. Otile recently took to social media to share how some Kenyans believe that he used juju to get and keep Vera Sidika, sharing that even some of her friends believe so.

    True love

    They have been texting Vera telling her that she failed for choosing Otile Brown as a lover.
    “So girls have been sending my chic messages saying she has failed miserably for falling in love with me. We just read these texts together (with Vera) and laugh. So one just texted and this one hit me hard because it claimed I was using juju on her and there was no way Vera could love an average guy like me,” his message read in part.
    He went on:
    “Just because a man does not have the money to buy off your cheap a*s does not mean they are dumb. They are just too clever for you. I don’t have to prove anything to you. If you have to sell yourself to build yourself an empire you can I will never judge you until you start disrespecting people,” his bitter rant went on.

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