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    MPs have now become comedians- Patrick Salvador

    MPs have now become comedians- Patrick Salvador

    Renowned comedian Patrick Salvador has lashed out at Parliamentarians over the newly implemented OTT tax and the 1% excise duty saying that it is making our country become a joke to other countries. He was bitter with MPs that are sent by people to Parliament and on reaching there they forget them.
    ‘’You forget your people when you go there, you are in Parliament driving those big cars but at the end of the day when your tenure is done you will go back to the people you represent. You people in Parliament are becoming comedians and we are now the serious people. People in Parliament, let’s wake up and use our heads not our stomachs and let’s look at this as an injustice to Ugandans’’, Salvador stated.
    He further added saying that the new taxation is threatening his job as a social media influencer because he does not have an office and that he only gets most of his deals online. He also said that he does most of his money transactions via mobile money which was also pinned by the new tax.
    ‘’We earn money off social media as influencers because we have a following of ‘omuntu wawansi’. I personally influence for six brands, do you think my reach will be the same as before?’’
    He concluded saying that Parliamentarians should look at this taxation as an injustice because Ugandans have a right to the internet and government cannot tax it.

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