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    Mc Kats and Fille For Europe Tour Together

    Mc Kats and Fille For Europe Tour Together

    One of the rockiest celebrity relationships by far, is one of Mc Kats and Fille Mutoni. From romours about infidelity, to haters who made it clear that the man is dating another woman, and lastly fights/ public disagreements.These two re still standing. The latest we have is that they will be doing a Europe Tour Together. It will be called the “alter ego” tour.#

    Some of the amazing poters of the couple

    One of the benefits of having a manager, who doubles as your sweetheart, is the ability to discuss anywhere. The duo, has been working on some of the finest projects, that have shown Fille’s abilities. Her latest hit so far, is “Obasinga”, which has caught the radio massively. For the first time however, these two will be on the same stage. Amazing mcee, and a talented singer, touring parts of Europe. The trip will be for two months, of July and August. This will be history made, that their little girl will certainly hear about.

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