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    Julie Gichuru gets rare Japaneses gift

    Julie Gichuru gets rare Japaneses gift 

    eteran journalist Julie Gichuru was recently on the Gram to floss an exclusive gift she had received from a friend based at the world’s leading manufacturer of soy sauce Kikkoman.
    Kikkoman sells naturally brewed soy all over the world and has over almost a century of experience.
    To you it might not be a big deal but Gichuru, the gift moved her.
    “I am so honoured to receive this Kikkoman Goyogura gift from Mogi-san of Kikkoman. It is steeped in a rich history of quality, tradition and royalty,”she posted. 
    “The “Goyogura” or Imperial Soy Sauce Brewery was originally built in 1939 on the banks of the Edo River in Japan, a facility dedicated to brewing soy sauce exclusively for the Ministry of the Imperial Household.,” she went on.
    Finally adding:
    “The Goyogura still brews soy sauce today and also preserves and exhibits traditional soy sauce brewing techniques, as well as the tools and equipment used at the time it was first built in 1939. Fascinating that almost a century later we can now enjoy the soy sauce fit for the imperial household.  

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