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    “I dream of working with Maddox not Bebecool”- Fik Fameica

    "I dream of working with Maddox not Bebecool"- Fik Fameica

    Few days ago, Bebe Cool confessed that he loved Fik Fameica music, something that sparked off speculations that the two could be in studio cooking new music.
    However Fik Fameica says he yearns and dreams working with the legendary musician, Maddox Ssematimba.
    While appearing on Kansanga based Galaxy FM’s “Evening Rush” Show with Prim and Littlejo, Fik Fameica was asked about the artiste he would like to work with.
    He proudly replied, “Maddox. He is the man I want to work with.
    So many people have  been claiming that i am working on a collabo with  Bebe Cool because he said he loves my music, but no, I don’t dream working with Bebe Cool.”
    It should be noted that few days ago, it was reported that Maddox rejected Fik Fameica’s request of redoing his song.
    This could be a stunt by Fik Fameica to trick Maddox to grant his request.

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