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    From washing dead people to cleaning toilets for a living! Kenyan Irish super model Rehema Safari narrates her journey to the top

    From washing dead people to cleaning toilets for a living! Kenyan Irish super model Rehema Safari narrates her journey to the top

    Most Kenyans living abroad will never admit that they do or did menial jobs at one point to make ends meet. But Rehema Safari has no shame whatsoever talking about her past.
    Rehema is Kenyan and Irish hottie who was born here in the 254 before she relocated to Ireland. The 24-year-old is living her dreams right now.

    She is a beauty queen who boasts of winning Miss AFRO Europe 2014 which was held in Dublin, Ireland. Rehema represented Kenya and Ireland in the beauty pageant.
    Rehema Safari
    It wasn’t an easy journey
    The journey to the top was not easy for Rehema. She was forced to do menial jobs like cleaning toilets and washing dead people as she explored avenues to achieve her dreams.
    “I have done all sorts of jobs cleaning, teaching, hairdressing, hotels etc I never chose a job I was hustling day and night I didn’t care. But same time I was still pushing with my main dreams aside as well. I took heart I cleaned toilets, I washed died bodies, I used to wipe old people bottoms. I have done it all ask me anything and today I have made it. So if I can do it why not you of cause you can but it takes time and it needs a strong personality to achieve the goals. Have a plan of what you want to do always,” says Rehema.
    Rehema attended primary school in Kenya before moved to Europe for her secondary education. She pursued a teaching course in college before doing a hairdressing course.
    “I have always loved modelling since I was a child loved fashion always in point. And of cause I knew I was made to do this because every where I went I was always the one to stand out but I was not focus on money or looking good only I just loved the idea of being a model to see myself one day being a model living a dream and also be able to help others in future to believe in themselves and go with what their hearts are taking them to. I tried everything but I couldn’t feel satisfied in anything else but when in front of the camera or stage light spot I feel completed. This is when I knew nothing else will make me happy and fulfill me if not modelling, said Rehema.
    Don’t stop when you fail
    Rehema advises women to zealously pursue their dreams. The beauty queen says she failed multiple times but she didn’t give up on her dream to become a super model in Europe.
    “So my advice to all the women and men our there trying to reach their dream I say go for it when you fail 1, 2, 3, don’t stop you will get there one day your luck will come I say don’t give up go with your heart believe in you trust in yourself and you will finally reach the light.”

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