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    Entebbe Hotel Launches Uganda’s Longest Rolex

    Entebbe Hotel Launches Uganda's Longest Rolex

    Ugandans are the most creative beings ever born. Leave alone the official launch of the Ugandan rolex, in August last year. A hotel in Entebbe has just unleashed the sountry’s longest Rolex. This particular snack, has been a celebrated peace for quite some time now. It has drawn tourists from far and near, for the pat two years. The Uganda Rolex Festival was also launcded, to show the different varieties in which an egg can be rolled into a chappati to bring a satisfactory meal.
    The Best Western Premier Garden Hotel at Entebbe Victoria Mall made this particular rolex during an event themed, “Reach out to the needy teach to cook not to beg.” This function, which happened to be on the same day as the Uganda Torusism Festival, was attended by many people. Some of these include, Entebbe Mayor, Kayanja Vincent de Paul, Charles Magumba  and current Miss Tourism Challa Elma.
    The general manager of the hotel shared some of the particulars of the recipe. 100 eggs, 5kg of wheat flour, 6kg of tomatoes, 5kg of onions, two liters of cooking oil and 2kg of cabbage. You also need eight chefs.
    “In doing business, we want to appeal to both ends — local and international customers,”
    “Since ‘rolex’ is a popular street food in the entire East African region, we decided to make something for the community in a unique way — to impress the ordinary citizen.” said Kumar Bhupendra, the general manager.

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