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    Do you Have Pain on Your Heel? Here is Why.

    Do you Have Pain on Your Heel? Here is Why.

    Sometimes we usually wake up after a hard day of tasks, and feel a sharp pain on our heel. This is because of a condition called Planter fasciitis. This is an inflammation of the planta fascia, which is a strong ligament running from the calcaneum (heel bone) to the tip of the foot. When the foot is heavily pounded or stressed, a sharp pain develops, even with no injury.

    The major cause of this inconveniencing pain is wearing a flat shoe for a long period, and doing vigorous work with it. Most of these shoes have no shock absorbers hence the foot receives any bangs and hits directly. The feeling is usually behind thee heel, or right below it, and it often occurs after the foot has been put on rest.

    This is a sign that your leg needs some pampering. To reduce all this, you need to put your leg at rest for long hours. Also look for comfortable shoes, which will cushion and raise your leg a bit, preferably sports shoes. Icing the leg, and always wearing proper fitting shoes can ease the pain.  Visit a foot specialist, or search the internet, to find out more about this pain.

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