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    Capital Kitchen Opens Officially in Kampala

    Capital Kitchen Opens Officially in Kampala

    Capital Kitchen (CK), an authentic world class kitchen inspired by the best in the food industry in the world has opened its first outlet in Kampala. Located on the storeyed Thobani Centre on Jinja Road, opposite Orient House, the restaurant offers an exclusive and indulgent dining experience.
    According to Ashish Sharma, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Capital Kitchen, they are inspired by best in food industry around the world and will bring a variety of fresh food on the menu.  He explains that Capital Kitchen is bringing eight of the best moving contemporary cuisines under one roof.
    “Our buffet concept is on the next level. We take pride in confirming that we are creating a niche in food industry of Sub Saharan Africa by bringing down 8 best moving contemporary cuisines under one roof. This will be in a highly authentic and affordable manner”, Sharma reveals.
    He also says that Capital Kitchen’s core value is to provide a pampering experience for customers by providing trendy and world class foods picked from cuisines around the world.
    Some of the outstanding cuisines include Brazilian Churasico, Live authentic tandoor, Turkish grill and pastry display.
    They have not forgotten on the indigenous Ugandan afraid to try out other exotic foods.
    “We are getting ready to serve in such a way so that one can enjoy anything from the get the best African grills to the mouth melting tandoori kebabs. We shall also have the tempting Shawarma /Turkish kebabs, the Teepynyaki/sushi/ Dimsum/legendary stir fry and the Thai cuisine. All these will be part of our food theatre live buffet”. 
    Sharma explains that aside from the buffets, customers will also enjoy bite-sized morsels of homemade cakes, comforting puddings, creamy profiteroles, fresh fruit and gelato galore.
    “We also have the stuff that dreams are made of. We have the legendary chocolate fountain, featuring cascading Swiss milk chocolate and a selection of fresh fruit and marshmallows waiting to be enjoyed. ”
    He explains that for starters Capital Kitchen is out to sell to Kampala an experience and as such, immediate profits are secondary.
    Sharma explains: “Our prices are unbelievable low. The price regimen rolls one buffet ticket concept where client can eat everything /anything they can from that massive spread at only sh40, 000″.
    Apart from the one ticket offering Capital Kitchen has also brought more than twenty (20) pre plated meal platters (7 course cuisine based meals) of legendary cuisines for only 20,000.

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