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    Camp Mulla is dead! Don’t expect a reunion any time soon-Miss Karun

    Camp Mulla is dead! Don't expect a reunion any time soon-Miss Karun

    Hip hop group Camp Mulla last year attempted a comeback, getting fans excited in the process that one of their favorite crews will be ruling the airwaves once again like they used to. Camp Mulla even made a surprise performance at The Wave concert that had Nigerian artiste performing.

    Time to move on

    It seems that was the final action fans will ever get from the crew, according to one of their members. Speaking on Instagram using the new viral questioning extension, Karun said that the group is not thinking of a reunion since members have changed big time.
    “Putting four heads together isn’t always smooth sailing. Especially when you’ve all grown so much. Just listen to our recent music, and you’ll see how each of us has grown so much in our own direction. We’re really sorry that the fans had to go through that “we’re back. No JK we’re not” situation. We really tried to work these past couple of months, and unfortunately it turned out to not be the best fit for all of us,” said Karun while answering a fan who wanted to know about the reunion. 

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