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    Bahati’s daughter falls sick again

    Bahati's daughter falls sick again

    Bahati’s firstborn daughter Mueni Bahati has fallen ill again. It’s the second time in a short period that the kid has become sick again.
    Mueni fell sick just a while back after her young sister Heaven Bahati was discharged from hospital. It was not clear what was ailing the kid but sure it was a hard time for Bahati whose daughters fell ill within a short interval.
    Bahati with his daughter Mueni Bahati
    Keep fighting baby
    Mueni’s mother Yvette Obura broke news about her daughter falling ill on social media on Wednesday July 4th. Her words seem to indicate that Mueni is in a critical condition.
    “Keep Fighting Baby I Know God Got you and I Got you too, You’ll will be well babyy😪😪😪…” Wrote Yvette Obura.

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