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    Sheila Saltoft of Magic One Beaten By Thieves

    Sheila Saltoft of Magic One Beaten By Thieves

    Uganda is no longer a very safe place. With the increase in the number of kidnaps, Kifeesi has also not yet kept silent. Sheila Saltoft, a presenter on Magic One HD has narrowly escaped death, after they were robbed in Muyenga a few days ago. Four men broke into their house, and beat the family up mercilessly.
    This comes after various celebrities have been assaulted in public places, and during their errands. Some of these include the late Danz Kumapeesa, Mowzey Weasel and Angella Katatumba, only to mention but a few.
    Sheila’s grandmother, child and male friend, who also doubles as Jose Chameleone’s manager, were robbed and fell victims of the attack. He is currently nursing wounds at the hospital Sheila posted on her social media;
    “Happening now please pray!! 4 masked men entered our house robbed us and beat maxxi on the head and body, he is in a lot of pain. We are still waiting for results..he is so brave. Maxim GK Steurbaut we are at IHK hospital, Muyenga.”
     “If anybody is looking for me and max we are at IHK hospital and if you’re looking for my grandma and Liam they are home in Muyenga safe with security. Thank you for your prayers and love.
    Let us wish them a quick recovery.

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