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    Nomsa Mazwai celebrates her Baby shower

    Nomsa Mazwai celebrates her Baby shower

    Nomsa Mazwai recently celebrated her baby shower with close friends and family. The surprise shower was organised by her friend of over 25 years Natasha Allie assisted by Nomsa’s boyfriend – who she refers to as Mnikazi Wendaba – his family, and her sisters Ntsiki and Thandiswa Mazwai.
    “The baby shower was a surprise; well at least that’s what they were all planning. I knew the date and I had to send names of people I wanted there, but that’s all I knew. I was very surprised by what they put together. It was so incredible, beautiful and it was a space of pure love.”
    Nomsa says her favourite gift on the day was “a cute little onesie written ‘sleep is for the weak’.”
    This, being her first baby, Nomsa looks forward to being a mother and experiencing the frustration of getting very little sleep after her baby girl arrives. “I’m so excited to be a mother; even the things people warn me about excite me.”
    Not so long ago Nomsa and her family hosted a naming dinner for her baby. “Everyone submitted names for us to consider; there is one standout name, but we will only name the baby when we see her face.” Almost at the finish line of her pregnancy, Nomsa says by the end of the week, she will be a mom.
    Having had a few complications with her pregnancy, Nomsa says she is ready for the challenge.
    “The best thing about this pregnancy was falling pregnant and feeling my little one roll around and play inside my stomach and the worst thing was actually getting pregnant because I have been struggling with fibroids.”

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