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    Mummy Yo- Sheeba

    Mummy Yo- Sheeba

    Queen Sheeba Karungi may be richer this year, but if she continues like this, then she will be richer than rich next year. Besides her new hair line, Hair by Natna, and her fashion brand that offers some sexy and amazing clothes, this young talent is making great music. She has just released the video of Mummy Yo, and trust me,it it the song you would want to watch.
    It is time traveling moment, as Sheila takes us back to 60s. We also enter a movie Cinema to see the Screening of the Mummy Yo Video. From the graphics to the dress up and make up, you can see that this lady knows what she is doing. This is why she never goes wrong with her videos. Mummy Yo, just like the rest is exciting and fun, with people dancing away to the music.
    In another scene, this musician puts a twist to the whole lady cleaning scene that most artists use. She spices up the outfit alittle, and has two other women come and dance with her to show you  how it’s done. Before we spoil it for you, watch the video right here. Mummy Yo by Sheeba.

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