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    Kenyans to Huddah: We hope you came back pregnant after meeting Diamond

    Kenyans to Huddah: We hope you came back pregnant after meeting Diamond 

    Ugandans did, Tanzanians did and now, Kenyans want to do it.
    Diamond Plantunmz is a single man. Before that, He was married to Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and the two were blessed with two kids. The singer then messed around with on-and-off lover Hamisa Mobetto, a Tanzanian socialite and got her pregnant.
    Kenyans are now asking socialite Huddah Monroe to represent the last East Africa country by getting pregnant by the singer. On Instagram while informing fans of her Tanzanian visit and meeting Diamond, Kenyans pushed her to make a move and make sure she comes back home with a child from the popular singer.
    We all know thirsty Huddah wouldn’t mind.
    The socialite shared a few years ago that she bedded the singer despite being with Zari then. She wanted him that bad.
    “When you think your man is yours kumbe (yet) he is ours. And I ate and dined with both of you. Having kids with someone to tie him down doesn’t mean he won’t leave,” she posted after enjoying some D from the singer. 
    Here’s what fans had to say during her visit:
    jane.mwaniki.1447: Tunangoja utuletee mtoto pia hapa Kenya tu nahitaji mbegu ya diamond
    rozzykoina: Kenya tunataka mimba ya Diamond @huddahthebosschick usitoke uko bure
    addahouma: huddahthebosschick star gal, you better come back pregnant ohh
    collo_mwenyewe: Pewa mimba at list Kenya pia tuwe na mtoto wa diamond
    maina_njoki019:When should we expect the breaking news? We can see something cooking up
    wendylily756: When coming back to Kenya bring back a piece of this simba, we are tired of helping bongo and Uganda get this simba na haileti bidii, dont worry diapers na babycot tutanunua, paybill safaricom hawawezi kataa kutupea…go girl
    its_aidany: This time around waTz wanataka azae na mkenya
    zip_mtotowakiafrica: Ni juzi nliona ukisema eti unataka mtoto, dee hana wife Zari alimkataa kabisa and he’s so good at it, tumia hii chance vizuri na tutakusaidia kutusi Hamisa
    kimmassana: Yan usipoliwa wewe sijui,vijana wa Tz wakuache tu…
    simwita_the_don:Take care hanaga mchezo atakutafuna
    acholaann: Cheza Na chibu Wewe.. Next tutaskia Wewe pia uko na ball.. P2 don’t work on his 

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