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    Kambua adds her two cents to Gerald Mwangi’s suicide, blames his fake friends for his death

    Kambua adds her two cents to Gerald Mwangi's suicide, blames his fake friends for his death

    Gerald Mwangi Ngima took his own life after posting a suicide note on Facebook. Many people didn’t take him seriously when he said he was going to commit suicide.
    Gerald was obviously depressed, he talks about how he has had enough of life on the suicide note he left behind. He asks those who knows him well to attend his burial if his body is found.
    Friends insulted him
    Gospel singer Kambua is squarely blaming Gerald’s friends for his death. She says his friends should have offered him advice instead of dismissing his suicide note.
    “Just catching up on Gerald Mwangi’s story. After he posted a suicide note, his “friends” insulted him and offered quick ways for him to die. After he was found dead, the same people are sending their RIP’s. And have also become forensic experts. Saying how “this doesn’t add up”, ” wrote Kambua in part.
    Depression tell-tale signs
    Kambua further says that most people who commit suicide usually seem to be fine. She explains that the tell-tale signs of depression are sometimes hard for someone to notice, but stresses that people were supposed to take Gerald’s suicide note seriously since he had shown signs of depression.
    “Many people who commit suicide seem “ok”. They go to work. They worship in Church. They post cool selfies. You can easily miss tell tale signs of a depressed person. If someone you care about says they’re depressed, why not just take it seriously? Threatening to commit suicide is a call for help.#mentalhealthmatters
    Tonight i pray for anyone on the verge of giving up – dear God, breathe new life into them. Surround them with people who will listen and love on them,” wrote Kambua.

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