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    Interview: “I will run for president if people ask me to.” Hon Kyagulanyi

    Interview: "I will run for president if people ask me to." Hon Kyagulanyi

    You have been in Parliament for a year now. What have you done for the people of Kyadondo East?
    I told my voters that my main job is going to be outside Parliament within the people and the field. I know I am an MP for Kyadondo East but I happen to represent a huge constituency of young people who think like me, who aspire for the same things I aspire for. As you have seen; my work has been extensive not just confined in Kyadondo but all over the country in all manners and shapes. I found that my effort was needed to bring the same change that came to Kyadondo in other places particularly as we speak now, we’re trying to change Bugiri.
    Your critics say that you are in ‘bed’ with President Museveni. Handshakes, soldiers saluting you, letters to each other, are you and Museveni buddies?
    The biggest mistake that people make is to think that their enemies are our enemies. I have seen the president shaking hands with many other leaders and I think it is civil for me to give a hand when the president wants to shake my hand even when we disagree in perspective. My kind of leadership doesn’t look out for enmities and conflicts I did not start but rather for solutions.
    Secondly, many lies have been told about me. Of course everywhere I go, many soldiers salute me. These are young men and women who have grown up seeing me. They know I am one of them.
    How is your music doing now that you are a legislator?
    Laughs, Great!
    The police say you have to differentiate between Bobi Wine and Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi. Some of your songs were banned, concerts called off. How is that working out?
    They (Police) have to differentiate between the police and an NRM enforcement wing. They banned my music, they tried to stop my shows but like I have always told them, you cannot stop an idea whose time has come. My songs are the most popular songs now. These guys are very old. We have a disconnection in ideas. They think we are still in times of Radio Uganda where if something is not published, it won’t reach the people. My music finds people in their bedrooms.
    Do you intend to run for President?
    Laughs. Now, that question has been asked so many times. You what you do think? If I hear enough people saying that I should run, I will make up my mind but now I still listening to the voices.

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