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    Huddah on intimate, cozy video with Harmonize: He’s just a friend

    Huddah on intimate, cozy video with Harmonize: He's just a friend

    A video showing socialite Huddah Monroe getting cozy with Tanzanian singer Harmonize topped headlines recently, leaving many with questions whether the two might be having a thing.
    Remember the video emerged at a time when Harmonize and his Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti had a bitter fight, publicly, in which she claimed the singer is cheating on her.

    Nothing happened

    Huddah has now come out to explain how the video emerged and what the two were up to. According to the socialite, she was working on something with Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan, while Harmonize was in South Africa for a Video shoot. Harmonize later came trough and they messed around on Snapchat.
    Ukiangalia hiyo video hatukukiss tulikuwa tu hivi tunavyo ongea nikamshika kandevu kake that’s it. That time tulikuwa mimi Zari na Diamond you now we were having a thing in Johannesburg and Harmonize was there too alikuwa anashoot video and he came there tukakuwa tu marafiki and we went live on snapchat and now kila mtu as you said mahali Huddah jina yake inatokea everybody has different opinion.” Huddah said.

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