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    Here is what DJ Zinhle’s book is all about

    Here is what DJ Zinhle's book is all about

    DJ Zinhle recently launched her book Meet Your Power: Returning Home To Yourself.Her baby daddy AKA was in attendance to show some support and even went ahead to buy a few books.

    Others in attendance included Linda Moeketsi, TV personality Roxy Burger and radio personality Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo.
    DJ Zinhle’s book is basically a mother-daughter affair. It is a self help book from mothers who share their experiences to empower their daughters.
    “I want to be Kairo’s first reference when she speaks of the positive influences in her life. I want her and I to be able to have open and honest conversations,” DJ Zinhle said.
    Her life coach, Nokubonga Mbanga, talked of how the book was different from others. “It is simple to read and it is all about personal and practical South African women’s stories”.
    DJ Zinhle says she realized she met her power when she was finally able to do something by herself.
    “Being the youngest at home I always had people do things for me and even in business I always partnered with people so that we could share the fear together.
    “I realised that fear is not the worst thing that could ever happen to you. It’s OK to fear.
    “There’s a reason it’s there. The problem is that we focus so much on what is going wrong that we forget [about] what’s going right,” she said.

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