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    Gospel Musicians Are Turning Immoral – Pastor Love

    Gospel Musicians Are Turning Immoral - Pastor Love

    Pastor Love comments on the state of gospel music,
    Ghanaian pastor, and ex-husband of Christiana Love, Pastor Love Hammond disclosed that Ghanaian gospel music is retrogressing. He is also a music producer. Furthermore, this is because of immoralities hovering around the heads of artistes.
    Moreover, the pastor stated that some of the female gospel artistes are into ‘white’ prostitution. Therefore, this is really affecting the industry. He made these statements to Happy FM’s Dr Cann on Showbiz Xtra.

    Pastor Love on media, gospel music

    “The media is a mafia group, they support evil. The reason why the industry is not going well is prostitution and dirt. You can insult me about that but that’s factual.”
    Therefore, he advised gospel musicians to stop behaving like Dancehall artistes. This is because they are constantly seen ‘beefing’ and insulting their colleagues on social media.
    “As a gospel musician, if someone offends you on Facebook, you need not attack the person back.”

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