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    Former presidential candidate: Does singer Akothee have a male sex organ? I couldn’t help but zoom in

    Former presidential candidate: Does singer Akothee have a male sex organ? I couldn't help but zoom in  

    In Akothee words, “When you had a 6 minutes performance amongst 26 artists and you the only one trending then you know you some bad ass” and it seems it’s all true.

    She has been trending for hours after her short performance and it seems everyone has something to say about her.  Former presidential candidate Nazlin Umar, however, had a rather unexpected question: What is under those pants Akothee?

    Immoral dance

    The politician took to Facebook to air her views after Akothee gave the controversial performance saying that her dance was very immoral and that she might be having something extra under her pants. She also claimed that Akothee has a mental disorder.
    Here is what she said:
    Kenya is not Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Does this woman Akothee have a penis??? My shock, I couldn’t help but zoom in because to my chagrin I note an abnormal protrusion on one side of this madams mons pubis. Am I the only one to note this surely?? Maybe hence this wild abandoned lewdness, then she needs help. Confused hormones!! Treat her then send her to jail. Balaa gani hii? I am assaulted, offended and need protection of the law. Which is my inalienable right! I didn’t need to see this!
    We need a National dialogue on morality and some people need to be tested for mental health and penile growth.
    Paragraph one of our constitution and the penal code alone suffices to have this woman called #Akothee in a prison cell. #ezekielmutua come here. This is an attack to the whole of the African continent.
    We are offended as a moral nation with laws against showing your convoluted crotches to us and attack our innocent eyes and souls. We feel sexually abused and violated by an ugly ass alien crotch. How bad can this get. Condole with us and pray for our recovery for The Good Lords sake! We are victims and survivors!!
    Where the the police trolls on social media. #Arrestakothee! Shame on you madam. A disgrace to your community, women and the nation. You’re being roasted on social media and you can only arrogantly blast back. Btw, this is not “my body my dress” nonsense. This is nudity and porn. It is lewd, Sodom and Gomorrah porn yet the constitution starts with recognising the supremeacy of Almighty God of ALL creation. Which would include you too. No. Please don’t show us your pathetic crotches and lewd actz.
    This is sexual assault to everyone who saw this. Ooof! Disgusting.
    There is a nationwide uproar against her on this picture. In any event it is a crime and a violation of our rights. A violation of our morality and culture as upheld in the constitution.
    “We, the people of Kenya— ACKNOWLEDGING the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation:”

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