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    “Don’t play my songs when I die” Ray C’s death wish raises eyebrows

    "Don't play my songs when I die" Ray C's death wish raises eyebrows

    Ray C is making waves with her death wish, the Tanzanian songbird wants media houses not to give her airplay when she finally passes on.
    Ray C is  irritated by how Tanzanian media houses are playing Sam wa Ukweli’s songs. Sam passed on  a fortnight ago after falling ill at a music studio.
    Sam wa Ukweli
    Sam struggled to get airplay while he was alive but upon his death his songs have been played repeatedly on radio and TV, and this is what has vexed Ray C.
    No need to support us when we’re  dead
    Ray C has since sent a humble plea to Tanzanian media not to play her songs when she dies. The songbird, who now resides in Kenya, says there is no need for her songs to be given airplay when she dies because she won’t benefit from it.
    “Sometimes I wonder what’s with the bongo media. You have to die for your songs to receive massive airplay including the ones that have not been officially released. What’s the purpose of supporting us when we are dead? When I die they shouldn’t even bother giving me a promo,” said Ray C.

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