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    Diamond Platinumz Sends Sweet Message to Zari’s Kids on Iddi

    Diamond Platinumz Sends Sweet Message to Zari's Kids on Iddi

    Team Zari is still in the show. Various sources had reported that Diamond Platinumz shared photos of him holding Hamisa Mobettos child, but Zari’s fans have no reason to be scared. Mr Chibu was on Instagram, just three days ago sharing a message to his two babies, on Iddi. He also posted a video that his baby sent him.

    Diamond posted;
    diamondplatnumzAwwwww….. Love you More my Babies, Really wanted to come Celebrate Eid El Fitri with you this Weekend, but Due to my Crazy work i Couldn’t make it….as you know i have to travel this week to USA for my Tour… so had to Fix Everything in here before am Gone…..But am Working on your American Visas so that you all can come at least for a week to Enjoy America, While Papaa is killing #ABoyFromTandaleUSATour Stages!!!…. Papaa Loves to Death @princess_tiffah@princenillan 😘😘💝👸🤴💝
    Zari Hassan and Diamond broke up last year, after she was tired of his baby mama drama. He however still reaches out to his kids, to make them know he loves them. Diamond has also confessed that he wanted Tiffah to take over all his businesses. His love for these two children is evident, and Team Mobetto has no  space in this.

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