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    Danny Beatz Reveals Why He Is Still Single

    Renowned music producer cum musician, Danny Beatz known in real life as Daniel Owusu Agyapong is one of the names to contend with when it comes to making of beats in Ghana.
    However, the handsome, talented, young man is still single, yes he’s not married.
    The reason being that Danny says he’s extra cautious when it comes to women.
    According to the man behind the beat of Ebony’s popular ‘Hustle’ song, he is extra careful about women because you never can be sure if they are gold diggers, agents of destruction or they genuinely like you.

    “You know some guys think that being famous means you have all the ladies at your beck and call but the truth is that, it is not so. The ladies will come not because of what your real name is but because you are an artiste.

    “For example, most of these ladies will come not because my name is Daniel but because I am Danny Beatz. They will come with the intention to milk you dry. Most of these ladies are gold diggers and they have an agenda.

    “Some are also sent to destroy you, so you need to be on guard and be careful keeping in mind that not every lady who throws herself at you is good,” he told Graphic Showbiz in an interview.

    Well, if he’s not married then he might at least have a girlfriend then, but Danny Beatz still answered no.
    According to him, “I am married to my music now, I am not in any relationship. I spend almost all of my time either reading books, listening to music, producing, writing music, playing games or watching movies and that is it.”
    Danny has worked with the likes of AK Songstress, Mzbel, Ebony, Pope Skinny, Guru, Tutulapato, among others.
    He has also produced some hit songs such as ‘Medekuku’, ‘Mi Yard’, and ‘Ticles’.
    Despite his great control over beats, Danny has no formal training in engineering, he is self-taught.
    Danny Beatz is signed onto RuffTown Music records and is currently promoting his latest single, ‘Love Juju’.

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