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    Bebe Cool Shares The Secret: How He Has Managed To Be Relevant For 23 Years

    Bebe Cool Shares The Secret: How He Has Managed To Be Relevant For 23 Years

    .know we have all been wondering how Bebe Cool has been on the spotlight for so mang years. He shares with us the tricks on how he managed to remain relevant for all these years. Read below;
    IGNORANCE is a noun that means lack of knowledge or information. There seems to be alot of that going on lately in respect to the person Moses Ssali, the brand BEBE COOL, his music and the entertainment business.
    Several ignorant people have been going around claiming that Bebe Cool’s music lately lacks mature content and that it doesn’t suit his age. While some say this out of total ignorance and have taken on this crusade purely for purposes of discrediting the brand BEBECOOL, others are attacking me for public attention thinking it will advance their stunted careers.
    For the benefit of my fans and every musician in the world who takes music as a business, here are a few words of wisdom;
    Every business has a target market and music as a business in Uganda as seen today has a youthful age bracket that pays directly through concerts, downloads and indirectly through corporate sponsorships etc. This is the age between 15 and 35.
    The population of Uganda is roughly 42 million people and of these 77 percent are below 30 years of age. Any smart business mind is expected to research this information so that they can design their products or services to suit this age bracket’s preferences.
    Bebecool is a brand that must be differentiated from the person MOSES SSALI. While Moses Ssali can be any age, the brand Bebecool has specific target markets it serves depending on the objectives and need at a specific time. That is why i laugh at the ignorant people who relate Moses Ssali’s age to the objectives and roles of the brand BEBECOOL.
    Uganda Batteries Ltd is 51 years old but started by producing batteries for carburettor cars with little or no electronic technology. As time has gone, today all cars use advanced electronic technology but UGANDA BATTERIES LTD still manufactures batteries for them. What did Uganda batteries do to remain relevant?
    They kept on evolving and rebranding as new technology cars kept on being manufactured.
    In a lay man’s language, the music business must be seen as a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid, a musician is a youth and the fans are youth. As you grow, the fans grow up too.
    By nature the older you get, the fan base decreases not because you have lost fame or popularity. But because the fans grow into different directions and lives, ie some die, some get married, some get saved, some loose interest in music, some travel, etc. At this point, it’s up to you the grown up artist to stay with the few fans you are left with or tap into the new age bracket below you. For continued business since that’s where any government and the main business community’s focus is.
    Therefore as a smart business man, the brand BEBECOOL’s focus is on keeping its age bracket of 35 and above, and tapping into 35 and below. It’s at this point that i will record different songs for my different target audiences but mainly 35 and below i.e
    1-Love you every day for lovers all age.
    2-Freedom for corporate/NGO’s 
    3-Kabulengane for cultured Baganda 
    4-Tekasente wolaba local business community above 35.
    5-Katono for 35 and below,clubs and bars.
    6-I do for the married ones
    7-#NDIWUWO for my village bodaboda concert chanting song.
    8-Up and wine for uptown club goers and across boarders competitive club banger platform. 
    9-Never trust no people for message. 
    10-BATIDDEMU for scared, badmind ignorant people like those who are trying so much to put my brand down.
    I have answered the BIG question of how i have stayed relevant for the last 23 years and still to stay relevant for another 25 years inshallah. It’s having a plan and sticking to it at all costs.
    It’s just a tip of the iceberg i just gave.
    And with these few words, to the haters chew on this new bubble gum #BATIDDEMUcoz am sure mutidde butti.

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