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    Bebe Cool Heads To Israel

    Bebe Cool Heads To Israel

    When we say that Bebe Cool is not a Ugandan artist but an International one, we say it with facts. The singer’s appearance outside the countries boarders and with other musicians abroad is very impressive. He has sang with Charity Black, Pitbul, Jason Derulo, Honorebel and many others. He informed his fans that he will be out to Israel for his “next stop” Many sources say that this could be a new gig, that he will let us know about.

    It could also be that the Gagamel boss has gone to shoot another one of his projects from Israel. The singer, who has been in the industry for over five years now, is known for his heavy investment and creativity when it comes to his music videos. He has travelled to SOuth Africa, and Bidi Bidi settlement, among others, to create quality content. This trip to Israel does not come as a surprise because the singer warned us last year. He wrote;

    “Finally let me take this opportunity to thank my fans for the unconditional love and support showed to me throughout the past year. It wasn’t an easy year as I did not do well musically”
    ” But I would like to say to you all that consider 2018 a Bebe Cool year. I am done with jokes in my music. It’s time to sing now”
    Great Job Bebe Cool

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