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    Balaam Under fire for killing a Python in His farm

    Balaam Under fire for killing a Python in His farm

    Over the weekend, Balaam’s employees killed a python that they found in his farm in Masindi. It is not yet clear how it happened, but a picture of Balaam’s farm men posing with the dead python leaked onto social media. This infuriated Abbey Rafsanjan, a former scribe and US based environmentalist who went on a long Facebook rant that spanned for hours.
    “This is appalling, disgusting, repulsive and downright dumb. For someone like Mr Balaam Barugahara who has gone to school, travelled and been blessed with so much exposure to condone and even celebrate this kind of act is sheer disturbing, to say the least. Now imagine someone who is not as exposed. You guys have never heard of UWEC of Mr James Musinguzi or UWA of Mr Stephen Masaba, right?…”
    Balaam’s friends and other social media followers came to his defense saying that snakes are dangerous and therefore can’t co-exist with human beings like Rafsanjan wanted them to.
    Flavia Milly Lanyero: “I need some education; “the python had encircled on of the farmers”. So the python should have been left to eat the farmer?? Am confused.”
    Namara Catherine Masiko: “Oh how the mighty have fallen!! Men are killing each other over a python, mbu animal rights, my foot. In my world I have dominion over the animals on the land creepers, fowl of the air and fish of the sea. Animal rights! Crap! Crap!”
    Levin S Sentongo: “Am I assured that if I spot a Python in my garden or house n I call UWA guys they will reach in 5mins wherever I myt be staying? What guarantee do I have that the python will also be there waiting for the wildlife guys to come capture it? Will I be giving lunch or massaging it during that time as we wait for the wildlife guys?”

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