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    5 Common Mascara Mistakes To Avoid

    5 Common Mascara Mistakes To Avoid

    Who doesn’t dream of having gorgeous, luscious lashes? From long and spidery fashionable ones… to thick and sexy voluptuous ones, you can bat some pretty suckers in no time at all if you take good care of them and not fall victim to committing some must-know mascara errors!

    1. You pump WAY too much.

    Pumping the mascara wand each time you are ready to apply is not the way to go. Doing this (which most people do) injects air into the tube which inevitably dries out your product more rapidly. A dry mascara will give you a clumpy mess – not the look you want surely. Instead, take your time to simply twist your mascara wand back and forth or take it into a circular type of motion to get some product onto the wand.

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