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    Why month of May is usually hard for Grace Msalame

    Why month of May is usually hard for Grace Msalame 
    May is one month Grace Msalame wishes she can skip.  The former Radio Africa Group employee opened recently saying the month is usually tough on her because she lost her dad and she has never healed.
    “The month of may can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me- because this is the month we lost our dad… and though 8 years later- the sting of death can still be piercing,” she said. 
    “So just last week I had a rather surprise break-down which I realised later was because we sometimes forget that Love liberates- it doesn’t bind- hear my out! I know the love of Christ binds us together but it also sets us Free🙌🏾
    She continued:
    “I however also really wish he knew how much He was deeply loved by Christ and writing this makes me teary yet again, but one lesson you quickly learn when you loose someone you love is that the time you had with them is exactly the number of days you were meant to share with them! God’s Will is Perfect!
    “So instead I’m learning to be grateful instead;- for the lessons learned, time shared and what we couldn’t achieve within that time is a reminder to be very intentional with those I have with me right now!
    So I now ask myself if the ones I still have with me know how much I love them? does my love for them liberate them or bind them to be who they’re not? & do I share Christ with those in my sphere or am I keeping Him all to myself?
    “All these questions remind me to be more present and again very intentional in all my relationships and interactions.
    “My biggest take out this week as I take all this in- is Love Liberates! it sets us free and allows and embraces us to become who we inherently are and in that environment to bloom and blossom is a sure given! because we can only be our best selves if we are allowed and accepted in our truest forms!

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