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    Urban TV’s Denzel to launch his new accessory line

    Urban TV's Denzel to launch his new accessory line

    Just weeks after singer Sheeba launching her own hairline, we see yet another celebrity plunging into the entrepreneurial hustle.
    Former BBA Uganda representative cum Urban TV host- Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi has a new hustle in form of his own accessory line.

    Known for his sharp style of dressing, Denzel is set to launch his own accessory line dubbed ‘Dapper by Denzel!’ According to sources close to Denzel, the accessory line will have launches in five different countries across two continents; these include Ireland, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. The source told us Denzel is on top of his game, and the TV host travelled to Ireland last week to hold the first launch.

    “Dapper by Denzel is out to cater for the urban dandy with high end classic accessories such as suspenders, bow ties and socks. The accessories are bespoke with my own touch of finesse and I am looking forward to making them global. It is pretty exciting to start up my own hustle out of something I am so passionate about,” Denzel told us on phone. All the best of Denzel!

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