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    President Museveni Earns 3.6 Million monthly?

    The labor day celebrations were celebrated at Sembabule district, and president Museveni made a speech that still has everybody  fascinated. He commented about the recent incident of doctors striking over salary increments and improvement of their working conditions. With this, the president revealed his salary to us, as 3.6 million
    “A doctor who goes on strike is an enemy of the people and he should be treated as such. I don’t want to hear that nonsense. In fact when doctors went on strike I wanted to go back to the bush but I was restrained” he mentioned. Following this, he mentioned that he is in total support of a move to bring Cuban Doctors, because Ugandan ones behave unprofessionally.


    The president was also not pleased by complaints by civil servants, regardless of the fact that they earn a large amount.
    “I heard some people talking nonsense ‘if you increase the salary of the science teacher, me the headmaster, I will get a smaller pay than the salary of the science teacher. Now that is very bad for my status.’ That is his problem, status. I am the president of Uganda, I get a low pay. I get Shs 3.6 million and even the Shs 3.6 million I accepted it in 1996 because the MPs tricked me.
    I was getting Shs 150,000 from 1986 to 1996…There are some public servants who get Shs 40 million, Shs 50 million but you try to challenge my authority, you will see. Authority doesn’t depend on salary, I have a low pay but I am the president of Uganda.”

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