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    “Peng Peng is gay and i have proof” Promoter Suudiman

    "Peng Peng is gay and i have proof" Promoter Suudiman

    For almost two weeks now, there has been a war on social media between  Promoter, Suudiman and Swedish based Ugandan blogger, Peng Peng.Suudiman has now released exclusive pictures as evidence to confirm that Peng Peng is gay.
    Suudiman alleges that he is intimately involved with one Joseph, who is Cuban- American living in Sweden.
     “If you look closely at this butt boy, he now wears women clothes,” Suudiman posted on his Facebook page before threatening to release more photos.
     This comes after he claimed that  Peng Peng’s boss, Bryan White, is also gay because his Foundation is dominated by men.

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