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    My Butt Is Not Artificial – Moesha Boduong Replies Critics

    My Butt Is Not Artificial - Moesha Boduong Replies Critics

    Ghanaian actress and model, Moesha Boduong has been making headlines continuously for some weeks now.
    The actress has on countless times come under heavy criticisms that she has an artificial b00bs and butt.
    However, she has denied it all, saying that she has never gone for surgery to enlarge any part of her body. Although she has admitted to using waist trainers to give her a thinner waist and smaller stomach.
    Last week, photos and videos of the curvaceous actress surfaced on social media showing her before and now.
    In one of the photos, Moesha was supposedly lying on a bed, and people claimed that was when she underwent a liposuction.
    But once again, Moesha has come out and rubbished claims by critics that her butt is artificial.
    Replying to an Instagram post by Attractive Mustapha that she had been exposed by her old videos and pictures, she replied the journalist saying that,

    She  wrote on Instagram that “You know me for a very long time, I was a girl on Viasat 1 that wanted to be Beyonce, so pathetic, my ass is not fake “

    According to her, the videos and pictures that people are using as their justification do not make sense. This, she explained is because she was so skinny and small than size 6 at that time. Hence, people cannot base their argument on her old pictures as their justification.
    Many Ghanaian personalities includingMeanwhile, veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono has also lambasted Moesha Boduong in a recent interview. According to Maame Dokono, Moehsa’s butt is fake. Adding that she is using it to snatch people’s husband’s who are old enough to be her father.
    But a report by states that, Moesha has spoken on the matter in a private with them. According to the blog, said she is not interested in engaging herself in a banter with the veteran actress.

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