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    “I don’t sleep on my dream I go for it” Akothee unveils new apartment building

    "I don't sleep on my dream I go for it" Akothee unveils new apartment building (Photos)

    Akothee took to social media to unveil her new multi-million shillings project. The mother of five is putting up a rental apartment building.
    The flamboyant singer shared artistic impressions of her apartment building and it’s stunning. She says that her baby daddy will get the penthouse.
    Artistic impressions of Akothee's apartment building
    “Upcoming project , I don’t sleep on my dream I go for it, I will market it hear once it’s ready 😂😂😂 na mkuje mnunulie maslay queen before you promise them pregnancy nkt , the penthouse is for papa 🙈although alinikosea sana lakini ni baba mtoto 😂😂
    One Rule hakuna kuishi na mwanamke hapo! Mimi si NGO , Hiyo ni dom ya kuona watoto 😂😂 so don’t go getting pregnant for any of my exes thinking we will share this , aaah aah , you can play with my old toys but you wont transfer my wealth theoygh Bluetooth 😂😂😂 parenting be warned all tittle deeds are in my official name’s ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO , wewe dai yako tell him to show you copies 😂😂😂before he fix you stupid 😂😂,” wrote Akothee.
    Bragging rights
    Akothee further says that she loves showing off her possessions and brag about it because critics will still sling mud at her whether she boasts or not.
    “When you have they say you bragging , when you don’t have they laugh at you, so better have and brag to death 😂😂, Leo mnahama hii page 😂😂😂,” wrote Akothee.

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