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    I Don’t Believe In Heaven Or Hell – Deborah Vanessa

    I Don't Believe In Heaven Or Hell – Deborah Vanessa

    Controversial Ghanaian musician, Deborah Vanessa Owusu has stated categorically that she doesn’t believe in the existence of neither heaven nor hell.
    However, Deborah Vanessa is not the only one to share her disbelieve in the doctrines of Christianity.
    A number of celebrities have shared also shared their thoughts on the various doctrines to the utmost surprise of some fans.
    Affectionately called Sister Deborah, was speaking in an interview on EWITHBECKS on Joy Prime.
    She believes that the aftermath of death is the same as when you are being pregnant with.

    ‘I don’t believe in heaven or hell…I believe that when you die, it is the same feeling as when you were conceived ’, she opined.

    Sister Deborah has come under heavy criticism for her recent semi-nude photoshoot which flooded social media
    Some people even told her via social media that she will end up in hell for her extreme lifestyle.
    However, the ‘Borla’ singer says, none of those words ever tickles her as the fear of judgement has never even crossed her mind.

    ‘Someone tweeted at me saying you will be in hell or something. I said I don’t believe in any of those.’ she said.

    She however explained that the act was merely a way of expressing her creativity but not to seek attention as many believe.
    Well, it seems the TV Personality shares similar beliefs with her brother, WanLov Da Kubolor. He also said sometime ago that he does not think humans will be made to render account to a supreme being after death.
    She also disclosed plans of releasing a song on saving the environment through the management of plastic waste.
    According to her, her new tune features four-time ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ at the Ghana Music Awards, Efya.

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