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    Drama in Westlands after Indian lady allegedly calls Kenyans ‘Black Monkeys'

    Drama in Westlands after Indian lady allegedly calls Kenyans 'Black Monkeys'(video) 

    There was drama in Westlands yesterday after a bitter argument erupted between an Indian lady and two Kenyans after the lady insulted them.
    A video has been doing rounds on social media showing the argument which the lady in a white car speeds off after hurling insults of all kinds.
    According to witnesses, the lady who was in the white Mitsubishi Outlander Registration KCM 531F called a man and a woman “black Monkeys” at OilLibya Westlands.
    Yesterday on 14/05/2018 at OilLibya Westlands, an Indian lady in a Mitsubishi Outlander Registration KCM 531F called a lady and a man who were in her way -“ Black Monkeys”. It’s very unfortunate that the watchmen at the petrol station were defending the lady.” a video was captioned online. 
    Watch the video below:
    Here is what people had to say:
    Wanjiru Njoroge Favour I was at a Total petrol station on a Sunday afternoon, queuing at the pressure pump, an Asian woman came and parked right beside me and started hooting asking the attendant to check her tyres; the attendant asked her politely to wait as there were others ahead of her. Weh! She started causing a scene and shouting, the manager who had been seeing all these came and told her “madam, please go to another petrol station if you are not able to wait” She must have insulted us in a language we did not understand as she drove off in anger hooting like madness.
    That manager became my hero, i fuel at that Total since then.
    It time we learnt that white or black, we’re all equal!
    Felix Conte kuna ujinga ingine hata unaita mtu black baboon
    Geoffrey Ombachi These people don’t even have toilets in their country and they are causing trouble?…. She should have tried that on me…NKT
    Pankaj Kalaiya Thats not acceptable at all ! She is giving us a bad name . Am Indian by ancestry but born and bred here in Kenya and do not condone such behavior. I too have been called in derogatory terms by the “ indigenous” but have always stood for whats about humanity

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