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    Douglas Lwanga Pens Inspiring Message to Cute Kaye

    Douglas Lwanga Pens Inspiring Message to Cute Kaye

    They say your friends will all run away when you fall into a ditch. Could this be true? Singer Cute Kaye was caught stealing car headlights, and is currently having a hard time.Many people are saying this is shameful. It is also embarasing to them that a music star can fall to this level.  Apparently, he may be struggling financially. Some rumors have started circulating that the singer is practicing drug use.  Douglas Lwanga, TV presenter, and Purple party Major, has however come out and penned him an encouraging message.

    He posted;
    I wont Judge you, Ill pray 4 u There s a reason why u have such a voice bro. If the world doesn’t believe in u anymore that should never make you hate ur self . Qute Kaye u still have a voice u still have talent. Don’t give up on ur self, May God guide you to the light again. Amen 

    Ugandan singer Cute Kaye has a lot on his plate right now. The young man is currently being held at the police station, for cases of theft. Apparently, he was rescued from a  gang of food vendors who wanted to beat him up in Busega. He had taken out car headlights from a vehicle. CUTE KAYE He had a wonderful career from his songs like; Ginkese, Gwendoota and many others. However, Cute Kaye disappeared from the music scene and we only saw him again in February last year. He had attended the 77 Dogs, and was one of the people that gave his life to Christ. We now learn from our sources that he was nabbed stealing car headlights, and NTV Uganda has some video evidence of the event. Mbabazi Lucky,  a radio presenter recommends a psychiatric checkup for the artiste. She wrote; Loading… “We interviewed Cute Kaye some time last year and I suggested that he wasn’t in a proper mental state. He seemed to be suffering from severe depression which falls under mental disorders. Before he is charged with theft, he needs a psychiatric evaluation.” The singer is currently being held at Nateete Police Station

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