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    Chameleone to bring in Shaba Ranks for his concert

    Chameleone to bring in Shaba  Ranks for his concert

    fter letting Sheebah have November 30 to herself, Chameleone says he is now in talks with legendary Jamaican singer, Shaba Ranks, to grace his concert. In an exclusive interview with the Mateeka singer at Blankets and Wines last Sunday, Chameleone revealed his concert will be dubbed “Legend Again!”
    The self-proclaimed  legend further revealed he withdrew from November 30 not because he was afraid of competition from Sheebah but because he feels the latter needs a chance to do more concerts than he has. “I have been there, done concerts world over and across Uganda.
    “This will only be Sheebah’s second big concert, so I feel she needs the date more than I do. Hers is to probably introduce a new album whilst mine will be a celebration of my legacy, again!” he added.
    Chameleone added that flying in the Jamaican singer is not to pull crowds but a move aimed at sharing the same stage with someone he admired so much while starting his journey. “I admired Shabba so much, I wished I could be as big as he is. I feel like I have tried. I feel like I am as big as Shabba in my country and probably the continent. I just want him to be around and realise how big the boy who used to admire him has become.”

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