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    Amama Mbabazi’s Niece to Marry South Africa’s President’s son

    Amama Mbabazi's Niece to Marry South Africa's President's son

    Dreams of marrying some of the biggest names and faces or their relatives, do come true. The biggest evidence came when the Prince of England said I do to his bi racial sweetheart this month. News coming in is that Uganda will also be a part of one of these mega stories. The niece to former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, Bridget Rwakairu is set to marry the love of her life. This young man happens to be none other than Andile Ramaphosa, a son to South Africa’s president.
    An official announcement was made, that the two families will be joined as one.
    Andile Ramaphosa, the groom to be
    Bridget Rwakairu is a daughter to Shadrack Rwakairu of Kabale, who passed on in 1983 leaving his daughter under the care of the former presidential candidate. She has Bachelors degree in Environmental engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University and a post-graduate degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Beijing University of Science and Technology. She has also studied in some of the best schools in Uganda, such as;  Nabbingo Primary School (Wakiso), Gayaza High School and Makerere College School.
    It is said that the connection between the south African president ans Uganda has always been strong right from the start. Now, these two children are set to walk down the aisle later this year. Congratulations.

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