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    ’13 Reasons Why’ gets intense in Season 2

    '13 Reasons Why' gets intense in Season 2 (Watch)

    13 Reasons Why Season 2 trailer is out. It is promising to be intense with so much intrigues and clues in store for its fans.The series is set to return on 18th of May.
    “The truth doesn’t always make things right,” Jessica (Alisha Bloe) says in the trailer.
    Season One opened with the story of Liberty High School student Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). She made and circulated a collection of 13 cassette tapes detailing why she committed suicide and implicating her classmates who mistreated her. Another student, Jessica, was mistreated. Her words mirror Baker’s in the new trailer, suggesting there is more to the story behind Baker’s death.
    13 Reasons Why promises to unravel more in the new season

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